jeudi 3 juin 2010

Three-Seven: A wonderful window on America's past

Caroline Petit and Jonas Mason's love mission to recycle America's buried and forgotten treasures...
From the crisp mountain air of Vermont to the mining towns hidden in the shadows of the Colorado peaks, along the Mississippi river that winds through the heartland farms of the Midwest.
They explored abandoned barns, neglected garages, folk auctions and stepped off the beaten path for hidden memorabilia.
9000 miles of open terrain under their belts and worn out shoes.
800 pieces of furniture and unique objects collected as a testament of their journey.
Relying on a single bench seat, left hand American drive pick-up as their mode of transportation.

My Amish little heart felt home at Three-Seven and could definitely not resist to share a few pictures I took there...

THREE-SEVEN (until end of June)40-42 RUE DU VERTBOIS 75003 PARIS